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Important KitPvP temporary closing down!

 Started by NLHoutblok


Dear players of BananaCraft,

KitPvP currently does not get the attention it deserves for the reason that we are mainly busy working on updates for the other gamemodes and maintaining the network. For this reason we will be temporary closing KitPvP as of September 22nd and we will be dropping support for KitPvP as of today. Please do note that KitPvP will not be permanently closed and we plan on reworking the gamemode from the ground up once we have the time and effort to do so. I hope you understand our decision and we hope to see you on the other gamemodes! KitPvP will be available to play till September 22nd 2019

By NLHoutblok, about 1 month agoLast edited: about 1 month ago x 1

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i loved the kitpvp, please dont it was my favorite part of the server ):


By Diap3rsnip3r, about 1 month ago x 1

why the kitpvpserver was the best i can be a goood modrate for kitpvp i promise... sad D:

By GreanX, 26 days ago

hire devs kek

By oadpoaw, 21 days ago

🙁thats so sad, why would you do this BANANACRAFT?


By AK_NickKingZ, 11 days ago