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Update KitPvP update: Achievements and kit upgrades!

 Started by NLHoutblok

On July 26th we released a KitPvP update adding achievements and more kit upgrades! You can find the full list of changes down below.



- Added achievements

- Stats can now be viewed in the menu

- Added Stats hologram

- Added kit upgrades to Pyro, Archer, Ghost, Zen and Viper (More coming soon!)

- You can now reorder your kits using middle mouse button

- Reduced damage of the Pvp kit sword

- Fixed a bug where some kit mobs were not attacking

- Bug fixed where the leaderboards would not refresh

- Other minor bug fixes

By NLHoutblok, 3 months agoLast edited: 3 months ago

Hey! I hope you are having a good day, I was wandering if I could apply for mod? Or staff etc...

By Drankk, about 1 month ago