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Announcement A new authentication system! Auto premium sign in

 Started by NLHoutblok

This week we are releasing a new authentication system with automatic sign-in for premium users! This means premium users do not have to use the /login command on login. We will also make some other improvements to the login system.

New features:

  • Auto sign-in for premium users
  • Ability to change your password
  • A faster and improved login system

By NLHoutblok, 29 days agoLast edited: 29 days ago

I have a problem signing in on may 21st I was online until 12am then on may 22nd it doesn't let me login it says I need to register I tried to register and it says I have the maximum amount of players on my IP. Do you know how to fix that Houtblok?


By Martin_Stone679, 27 days agoLast edited: 27 days ago

Maybe it's wrong place where to post it, put i have same problem like Martin_Stone679... Can't login with my account after update..

By RaidoX, 26 days ago

We deployed a new login system. You have to reregister yourself with your password. Once you are registered again you can just log in like usually. You will not lose any progress

By NLHoutblok, 26 days ago

@Martin_Stone679 Do you have more people in your network who registered on the server? There is a limit of 2 accounts per IP. I will look into this issue

Edit: I see the limit was set to 1 user per IP. This value will be 2 with the next restart

By NLHoutblok, 26 days agoLast edited: 26 days ago

@NLHoutblok It was three people in my network my 2 friends Ultimate_Pro80 and Mining_Pro85 im the third person. Ultimate_Pro80 is able to login but me and mining_pro85 can't login

By Martin_Stone679, 23 days agoLast edited: 23 days ago

@Martin_Stone679 You can now register one more account on your IP, you can now register a second , after the server restart today you will be able to register the 3rd account aswell

By NLHoutblok, 23 days agoLast edited: 23 days ago