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General info

Start on 1 of the 3 small starter islands to begin your journey. Build a cobblestone generator to gain resources such as iron, copper and even diamonds the higher tier you go. Level up your island by placing blocks and expanding your island to gain acces to more generators and biomes.

General commands

/help to see a menu with all useful skyblock commands

To request to teleport to other players use /tpa playername.
/tpa accept to accept or click the accept button in chat. The same goes for /tpa deny.

/back teleports you back to the last location you teleported from. It will not teleport you back to where you died!

/bal or /balance or /money will show you how much money you have.

/shop opens the shop menu.
/ah opens the auction house.
/trade trade with another player.
/chestshop browse search shops that are owned by other players
/chestshop create create your own chestshop while looking at a (double) chest. barrel or shulker.
It costs 10.000 to create your own playershop.

/vote to get links to vote for free rewards!
/warp crate will teleport you to the place where you can redeem your keys you get from voting for rewards.


You can use /island or /is with every island related command.

/island go teleport to your own island.
/island generators opens a gui menu were you can manage your cobble/stone generators.
/island level shows you your island level.
/island top shows you the top 10 islands with the highest level.
/island sethome sets the island home.
/island challenges opens a menu with all the challenges.
/island biome opens a menu where you can buy and manage your islands biome.
/island settings opens a menu where you can change some things what each rank on your island can do.
/island warps opens a menu with all player made warps.
To create a warp you need to have an island of level 200 and place a sign with the text [welcome].
/team opens a menu with all the commands and info related to inviting island members / trusted / coop.
More info here
/island value opens a menu where you can see and search what each block is worth in terms of island level.
/island limits see all the limits per island.

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