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Update Network update: 1.14.2 support and KitPvP updates!

 Started by NLHoutblok

On May 28th we released a network update to add 1.14.2 support and updates for KitPvP alongside Survival stability improvements. You can find the full list of changes down below.


- 1.14.2 support

- You can now create up to 2 accounts per IP

- KitPvP 1vs1 challenge added

- KitPvP anti cheat improvements

- Survival anti cheat system tweaked for less false positives and setbacks

- Survival server capacity increased

- Minor bug fixes

By NLHoutblok, 3 months ago

Hello, im mayonayeet. One of the survival players on the server. Sorry if this is not the correct way to contact you but i just wanted to report a grief that had just hapened at my base. the griefers claimen the damaged location and i cant repair the damages. I was wondering if one of the server admins can un-claim the claimed lands by the griefers (there were 2 griefers) and do something about the grifer.

Sorry about the bad english


Thank you for your time


By mayonayeet, 3 months ago

@mayonayeet What are their usernames? I will unclaim the land if you show me the location

By NLHoutblok, 3 months agoLast edited: 3 months ago