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Update Skyblock update: 1.12 features added, revamped spawn and more!

 Started by NLHoutblok

On May 28th we released a Skyblock update to add all features, blocks and items up to 1.12.2. We also revamped the spawn and added other features. You can find the full list of changes down below.


- Server is now running 1.12

- Revamped spawn

- Leaderboards added to spawn

- Your island level is now shown in chat

- A banker is now available in spawn

- Falling off spawn now sets you back

- Increased villager limit from 10 to 20 per island member

- Increased maximum hoppers from 20 to 50 per island

- Shop pricing adjustments

- 1.12 items added to the shop

- Redstone shop category added

- General bug fixes

By NLHoutblok, 3 months agoLast edited: 3 months ago