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Update Factions update #1 released!

 Started by NLHoutblok

Factions update #1 now live adding 1.12 features and more!


Patch notes:

- Server version is now 1.12 adding all new features and items, combat is still 1.8 style to maintain the classic factions experience, godapples also craftable and TNT cannons still act the same as 1.8

- Scoreboard added

- You now get the head of the players you killed

- Difficulty is now set to medium

- End has been reset to accommodate for the 1.9 end

- You can now use /f perm to manage faction and ally roles permissions

- /f warp and /f setwarp have been added, factions can set up to 5 warps in claimed lands

- Anticheat improvements


Coming next week:

- Improved /help menu

- MVP and VIP kits 

By NLHoutblok, 3 months agoLast edited: 3 months ago