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Some questions about factions


Sounds great! When do you think there's time for an update to 1.12.2?

Please consider sugarcane (early game) and cactus (middle-late game) for selling. Both are very server friendly and sugarcane is great for mcmmo if you have plans for that.

I know some will disagree, but having spawn-eggs without silk-picking seems like very interesting gameplay. Imagine people will be forced to find spawners and either hide them or defend them. Personally, I would probably settle for a cave-spider for my string need, given I can sell farm products. Well, maybe a skeleton as well.😉

4 months ago

Some questions about factions

I see now you have /fly for ranked players. 😦

Well, few would bother to spend time to build bases then I guess, too bad.

4 months ago

Some questions about factions

What Minecraft server version is factions?

How big is the world or what is the world border?

Is above the nether allowed?

Is there a warp end?

Is silk-picking spawners available?

What is your idea about factions economy? 


My preferences would be 1.12.2 (1.13.2), 30K, yes, yes, no, cactus sugarcanes and some beginners treat like dead bushes with a ridiculous sale price. I'm not very keen on allowing silk-picking spawners due to effects on economy, lag and gameplay. I like spawn-eggs though if they are rather expensive. Please promote base building and small-medium factions rather than the usual few large factions with focus on PVP.

4 months ago

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