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Skyblock Tools (Block Values List)

Hi Skyblock players,

When I was scrolling thru the #suggestions channel of the Discord I saw this:
Discord chat Skyblock suggestion
When I saw that I thought that was quite a okay idea, now I don't a have a way to add a command but I can build a website for it.
So I did. Hosted it on my own personal domain but that's no issue.

So here it is; currently really work in progress and I first want to see if there is any users for it.

I have included a form for giving feedback so if you got any ideas for the values, please leave it there.
If you have other ideas for tools; let me know aswell :D


- Gimmes

3 months ago

Kitpvp upgrades (very long)

Hi Slime,

Our staff team always gets amazed by your suggestions to the server. In such details and thought thru. Thanks for this


We are hoping to see if we can implement parts of your suggestions.


4 months ago



We allow redstone but redstone clocks get turned off when someone leaves.

4 months ago

Kitpvp Buglist

Hi Slime,


Thank you for all your great feedback. We like the way you organized it and we have put it on the list for things to do for KitPVP.


Many thanks,


4 months ago

Add a “suggestions” thread to forums.

Hi Nemo,


I have created a post which people can now post their ideas in.


Would love to see your ideas come in. Looking forward to them.


Kind regards,

Tycho (Gimmes)

4 months ago

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