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help me restore my password in the server my username is damian
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Hello sir can u please unban my account i swear i will not do it again please give me chance
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hello sir can you help me unban my account ive just use toot pick to hold mouse click then mines please help me i want to play MC
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In that skyblock spawner's thing, skeletons has to be replaced with wither_skeletons. They are NOT same
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why My Account was Deleted?
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Hello i have i problem i forgot my password to your server can u pls give me permission to change it?
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hello, I have a question, my friend added me as a member of a claim on survival but IiOIcant build or break anything in it, we are confused...
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Ban Appeal

Hello jjumpe or abuseee

Killing players in survival is a permanent ban and it will not be reversed. Sorry but that are our rules.


3 days ago

Banned for harassing other players

Hello swinowz,

It is not allowed to troll/ provoke or harass players. It does not matter if the player was annoyed or not, or if he gave you a warning. Our moderator saw you do it after getting notified by the player. That is the reason you got a 1 week ban and it will not be reveresed. We don't consider it small things because we want to keep the server friendly and that is also the reason why we give out hard punishments.


3 days ago

Banned for harassing other players,Trolling players/provoking.

Hello awesomedu,

It is against our rules to troll/provoke or harass players. We want to keep this server friendly so we will give out hard punishments. It does not matter if the other player gives you a warning or not. You violate our rules and got punished for them. You might ask why you got a 1 week ban instead of three days, that is because there was a moderator who caught you in the act and there was enough proof. Also if you did /ignore the player then that would suggest you already had some beef with him.


PS: Please don't misinform people. I have never said it was alright to kill players in survival, I turned a blind eye to that one time because of the same reason of what you did to another player.

3 days ago

Extended ban

Hello paradox1597

Ok, your ban will end today 18th august at 20:00 CEST. This is also your last chance if we ever have another reason to give you a ban then the ban will be permanent.


4 days ago

banned for not listening to staff and provoking player

Hello rikingkong

You were not observing his farm, you used his farm without permission and also used chorus fruit to get acces to it. You also started to teleport players to the farm. Because of this we have decided to not reverse your ban of 3 days.

~Greetings BananaCraft

6 days ago

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