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Hi, ik weet niet of het in het Nederlands mag, maar ik kan in ene niet meer in de survival surver komen, ik sta in ene niet meer op de witte lijst. ik weet dan ook niet wat ik verkeerd gedaan heb. zou je mij hierbij kunnen helpen.?
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My username is : "Mansizar" with a not e
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Can you check it again? You can tpa to "anglalee" my house is next to her
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help me restore my password in the server my username is damian
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Hello sir can u please unban my account i swear i will not do it again please give me chance
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hello sir can you help me unban my account ive just use toot pick to hold mouse click then mines please help me i want to play MC
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In that skyblock spawner's thing, skeletons has to be replaced with wither_skeletons. They are NOT same
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why My Account was Deleted?
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Hello i have i problem i forgot my password to your server can u pls give me permission to change it?
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hello, I have a question, my friend added me as a member of a claim on survival but IiOIcant build or break anything in it, we are confused...
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Not able to login : invalid password

This has been solved.

13 days ago

Can not chat in game.

Hello FarrelTGA

Check the chat setting in game if it is on shown. If not then change them to it and you will be able to chat.


16 days ago

Cannot login

Hello ben

Could you maybe join our discord and state your problem in the support channel. We can help you more easily and faster there since some things don't seem to be the same and we need to verify if it is really you. Discord link:


18 days ago

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