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Tiglat banned for griefing, racism and killing other players

He is my brother and he has ASD (Autism spectrum disorder). We decided to keep it civil but I couldn't manage to keep him on leash. He once killed NoobCrafter69 but he got his items back and Noobcrafter did not complain. As for racism, you can mute him all you want. It would be better, even. But it would be really nice for us to get his permaban lifted since we enjoy this server so much and we have our town-community here.

about 1 month ago

Tiglat banned for griefing, racism and killing other players


My friend tiglat was permamently banned at 16:00 today for the following reasons: racism, killing players, griefing. I do agree that he does such things, but he is a little bit, what would you call, ''retarded''. For the killing reason, my friend NoobCrafter69 came to visit our base and Tiglat tried to burn him (apparently succeed to do so) for no reason. About the griefing part, I honestly do not know what he did while I was out.  The racism one is, well I think he said the n word a few times in the chat but you can mute him if you want. He is not a native English speaker. I always warn him not to do so. If you unban him I promise I will make him behave.

Thank you in advance.

about 1 month ago

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