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This Only For MNLG.

Hey MNLG IM sorry i know im probs not gonna get unban because i was streaming ban evading, spamming, and griefing. ):

13 days ago

couple of quick kitpvp bugs

Im pretty sure you cant hit any mob in kitpvp so you dont kill the villagers in spawn.

20 days ago


I think there should be signs around the map were you can repair weapons armour but it would take a diffrent amount of time depending on how badly damaged your armour is. It should be either a chest or sign like the soup refills because i see the main reason of skilled players deaths are armour related. Times: 3 quarters durability should take 1.5 seconds, half durability should take 2.5, 1 quarter and below should be 3.5 seconds. I would love to see this ingame and it would be so cool to see it happen. (:

20 days ago

Kitpvp bugs please fix

Bug 1. with the kit dragon hitting multiple people at once gets you kicked for killaura

bug 2. If you run and jump on the redstone boosters it is possible to get kicked for speed hacks.

bug 3. also me and some of my friends have been banned for "High ping/killaura" while fighting other players

bug 4. getting under the map. get kit phantom and go on top of spawn, then u can jump off and use the fly to fly under, this breaks the game for people who use the kit zen alot, they ussualy get confused and then killed.

These bugs are sometime qutie annoying so please do fix them whenever you can.

20 days ago

21 days ago