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Help i was perm muted on kit pvp and for no reason, explain plz!

Ign: KarmaKrew

so i got perm muted today while casually playing kitpvp, is it bc i was using caps? bc i wasnt rlly using caps but im just so confused!! some staff plz help

*Edit*: my friend just told me he was perm muted too, maybe bc we are on same ip? i let him use my laptop. his ign is Baltoer.

lol i sound like 5 y/o in this but idfc

thx in advance,


13 days ago

Hackers on KitPVP (Get more staff on there plz)!

People named Makinator238, ImABlack, Mibloder, and GamelandYT have all been caught cheating by multiple players on this server, alot of them unfortunately in the same day. Everyone is cheating bc no staff was on and I suggest having at least 1 staff on Kitpvp ALWAYS. Thank you in advance for any help to this situation, contact me at (blank because I already put it in the contact submission) or at  (blank because I already put it in the contact submission). If you call me, I will not accept mostly because I won't recognize the number. I prefer text or email if you could, and if it is necessary to get into contact with me.

Kind Regards,


17 days ago

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