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Banned for not listening to staff and provoking player

Us staff have all spoken about these issues and the past issues you have been involved with. We will leave this ban as it is and you will have to wait it out for now. I will also have to let you know that if you are ever involved in an offense again which will result in us having to give out a ban or if you violate the rules which results in a ban, it will be made Permanent.


6 days ago

This Only For MNLG.

That is indeed correct.

10 days ago

Banned for Afk mining when i wasn’t even afk

I'm sorry for not answering sooner. I see that your ban has already expired. I would still like to answer to this submission just to clarify a bit more and hopefully prevent any future misunderstandings.

Any form of automation in fishing,mining or bypassing the afk timer is not allowed. Your own input is required to actively participate in the server. Anyone who is tested by staff and/or caught via reports will be taking the consequenses of doing so when caught. You are admitting to not paying attention to your screen and doing other things. I thereby conclude that you we're not manually controlling the game yourself. That sadly goes against our guidelines and means that your ban was justified.

I hope this clarifies.



19 days ago

Add a “suggestions” thread to forums.

Apart from the post on the forum I will also notify you and other people who might be checking this post in the future and may not have already seen it, we have now added a channel in the Discord server to post your ideas in as well. I will hereby also lock the post because I believe your questions have been answered. Thank you all and keep suggesting!

19 days ago

mvp perks

Hello, Sethgrills.

Currently, no.
We have not added this as a feature because we want to keep the chat from overflowing with all kinds of colours.
The only colors now are for the different ranks such as VIP and MVP.

I hope this answers your question.


20 days ago

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