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NLHoutblok was last seen: 13 Oct 2019, 13:31

i would realy really really liked if u could unmute me in the discord
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can i please please please please get unmuted?
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nice server
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can you please reply on my message, i am very sorry
20 days ago  0 Likes  |  0 Replies

Hey there, I am new and want to play with my sons on the server. There seems to be a cap of two accounts per IP. Could you please make an exception for us? Iangrydonu, LegendaryBurrun, koolmees71 THanks!
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heya so i see that kitpvp is shutting down no i would like to help you keep it up and running as i am a kitpvp player have been for 4 years i know my way around it and how to keep it happy. im not asking for anything here i just simply want to save the server i like playing a lot so if you don't mind getting back to me that will be great my discord is cam#9975 is you want to have a more of a talk about this in private :) thank you for reading this.
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Hey the /kits are wrong in factions server
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Can you help me pls?
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i have suggestion 1. add chest lock features with sign in skyblock 2. remove limit for cactus in skyblock report : 1. there is 1 player name muslimbomber its very racist and dishonor , and ban that player him too, thanks
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i cnt join server bcuse ip proxy/vpn detects
about 1 month ago  0 Likes  |  0 Replies

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4 days ago

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13 days ago

Creative Update: 1.13 blocks and command shortcuts!



Creative 1.13 update

Creative got updated to 1.13 adding all blocks up to 1.13 and support for the new command shortcut system! You can use the new 1.13 blocks to expand your buildings with these new blocks! Check out the full list of changes in the changelog down below! 



- Added support for 1.13 blocks
- Added support for the new 1.13 command shortcut system
- Resolved issues with fences and glass panes not connecting properly 

17 days ago

Getting kicked out of creative?

You should be able to join now. The issue is fixed

28 days ago

KitPvP temporary closing down!


Dear players of BananaCraft,

KitPvP currently does not get the attention it deserves for the reason that we are mainly busy working on updates for the other gamemodes and maintaining the network. For this reason we will be temporary closing KitPvP as of September 22nd and we will be dropping support for KitPvP as of today. Please do note that KitPvP will not be permanently closed and we plan on reworking the gamemode from the ground up once we have the time and effort to do so. I hope you understand our decision and we hope to see you on the other gamemodes! KitPvP will be available to play till September 22nd 2019

about 1 month ago

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