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NLHoutblok was last seen: 21 Aug 2019, 20:16

hello owner when I join skyblock and there was a online dater plz ban him user name goguu
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Help me please i lost my a password username = DAMIAN
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hi mr owner i will like to get mod a nother mod told me i cant beg for mod but plz im trying to make this server a better place when you and your mods are offline the hackers just come and ruin the game play for us real players im not trying to ruin the server im trying to fix the kitpvp server if you dont belive me its ok other players will say the same thing i am on the leader boad if i ruin the server i just did all of that for nothing i will like to get mod to make things a bit better not to ruin the whole server i would like to get mod just to kick all the hackers not even ban just kick i promis i wont do a bad thing on the server i never have and i never will and by the way the mods dont do much work as u think they do you dont have to pay me or something i just want to play kitpvp on your server with no hackers bye
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excuse me but i got banned for being afk i wasnt i was searching on youtube how to fix my generator so can u please unban or atleast make it a one day ban
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hi Owner.. were having some problems to get in on server.. is there a limit character per IP address? id like to join with my friends... - t00tifrute
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i lost my password - whitewolf 😥
27 days ago  0 Likes  |  1 Reply

hello can you check the lost my password post please?
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how do I log in to the server in the Minecraft game?
about 1 month ago  0 Likes  |  1 Reply

Hi, I have been referenced to you by the moderator Gimme I would like to apply for Moderator if possible, please get back to me if you can. Thank you
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Banned for evading previous bans

Please provide a valid reason why you deserve to be unbanned. In our guidelines evading bans will result in a permanent suspension from the server

2 days ago

Lost MVP rank & progress after name change (factions)


I have verified the email address and transferred ownership of the MVP rank to your new account. Can you contact me in-game or through the Discord so I can transfer ownership of the faction to your new username when you are online?

2 days ago

Lag machine in creative

The machine has been removed and the user in question has been punished

6 days ago

17 days ago

Forgotten Password

Issue resolved.

24 days ago

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