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i cnt join server bcuse ip proxy/vpn detects
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could ya help me with vpn? i cant join the server
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hello owner when I join skyblock and there was a online dater plz ban him user name goguu
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Help me please i lost my a password username = DAMIAN
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hi mr owner i will like to get mod a nother mod told me i cant beg for mod but plz im trying to make this server a better place when you and your mods are offline the hackers just come and ruin the game play for us real players im not trying to ruin the server im trying to fix the kitpvp server if you dont belive me its ok other players will say the same thing i am on the leader boad if i ruin the server i just did all of that for nothing i will like to get mod to make things a bit better not to ruin the whole server i would like to get mod just to kick all the hackers not even ban just kick i promis i wont do a bad thing on the server i never have and i never will and by the way the mods dont do much work as u think they do you dont have to pay me or something i just want to play kitpvp on your server with no hackers bye
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excuse me but i got banned for being afk i wasnt i was searching on youtube how to fix my generator so can u please unban or atleast make it a one day ban
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hi Owner.. were having some problems to get in on server.. is there a limit character per IP address? id like to join with my friends... - t00tifrute
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i lost my password - whitewolf 😥
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hello can you check the lost my password post please?
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how do I log in to the server in the Minecraft game?
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BananaCraft shutdown

Dear players of BananaCraft,


After a long wait we have decided that the BananaCraft server will be shutting down completely. We have debated very long about it and this is the reason why the next announcement was not send sooner. This goes against our last announcement which stated it was a temporarily shutdown. 2basemaster and Houtblok have been working everyday on the server since march this year on improving and updating, and it became quite popular to our surprise. Due to personal reasons 2basemaster had to quit and that left a gap.  Everyone that works on the server does this in there spare time and we are a bit burnt out as of this moment. This is why we are announcing now that the server will completely shutdown. Will the server never come back? Well, we will never say never, but as of right now we don't want to give false hope or empty promises of it returning. The Survival and Skyblock world will be up for download so your progress won't be lost forever or you want to check out the world and see what everyone else has made.


The server will be shutting down November 25th at 21:00 CEST.


World downloads of Skyblock and Survival will be available at the 26th of November.


The Discord will stay open as a community server for game related talks.


We want to thank our staff team for there dedication and the time they have spent on the server. Special thanks to Karanja, MacoDeVinx and Doridose for there dedication on the server!

We also want to thank all donators for supporting our server!

And we want to thank all the players that have played on our server!

5 days ago

Dear players of BananaCraft

Dear players of BananaCraft,


You might have noticed that everything around the server did not go as planned.

Most of the players are annoyed because of plugins which do not work (correct), glitches that aren't patched correct and everyone can think of something they are annoyed with.


We are working hard on BananaCraft in our spare time (so not professionally/as a company) with 5 people (2 on the server and 3 for the players) to make everything go smooth, but we cannot get the server how we want it to be.

The server started not complete and unfinished and it is an impossible job to get the server in excellent shape this way.


This is why we have made a very difficult decision.


As of the 25th of November we will completely shut down the server.

This will NOT be permanent, but a temporary solution.

We just need the time to get the server and game modes in excellent shape before we want to go live again.

This way we can put all our time and effort into the server instead of all our time going into moderating the servers


The store will be shut down immediately, so no one can buy a rank anymore.


We want to apologize to everyone for this inconvenience.

But we do think this will be the best for BananaCraft.


A special thanks to our Donators. The ranks will of course be kept on the "new" server. More information about this will follow.


We hope you will understand our decision and respect this.

And when we go back online, that you will make the server great again together with us!


~BananaCraft Team

about 1 month ago

Reports information

How do I file a report?

1. Create or log in to your account on the website
2. Go to the reports 'Reports' subforum
3. Create a new topic explaining the situation

When making a report, please include the following information:

- Your username

- The other people involved

- Reason of reporting

- The server it is happening on

- Proof (images/video)

- And any other details we must know.


Staff will respond as soon as possible to your report

about 1 month ago

Appeal information

How do I make an appeal?

1. Create or log in to your account on the website
2. Go to 'Mute appeals' or 'Ban appeals' depending on your punishment
3. Create a new topic explaining the situation and why you think you deserve to be unbanned/unmuted
4. Staff will respond as soon as possible to your appeal

about 1 month ago

Creative Update: 1.13 blocks and command shortcuts!



Creative 1.13 update

Creative got updated to 1.13 adding all blocks up to 1.13 and support for the new command shortcut system! You can use the new 1.13 blocks to expand your buildings with these new blocks! Check out the full list of changes in the changelog down below! 



- Added support for 1.13 blocks
- Added support for the new 1.13 command shortcut system
- Resolved issues with fences and glass panes not connecting properly 

about 1 month ago

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