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NLHoutblok was last seen: 19 Sep 2019, 18:42

excuse me but i got banned for being afk i wasnt i was searching on youtube how to fix my generator so can u please unban or atleast make it a one day ban
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hi Owner.. were having some problems to get in on server.. is there a limit character per IP address? id like to join with my friends... - t00tifrute
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i lost my password - whitewolf 😥
about 1 month ago  0 Likes  |  1 Reply

hello can you check the lost my password post please?
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how do I log in to the server in the Minecraft game?
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Hi, I have been referenced to you by the moderator Gimme I would like to apply for Moderator if possible, please get back to me if you can. Thank you
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Getting kicked out of creative?

You should be able to join now. The issue is fixed

4 days ago

UnBan Request

Hello Moe102,

Thank you for contacting us, apology accepted, your ban will be lifted. Please keep in mind that you are on your 5th offense now meaning your next offense will result in a permanent ban according to our rules listed here:

5 days ago

Ban Appeal

Please provide us evidence if you think you have been banned in an unfair way

6 days ago

KitPvP temporary closing down!


Dear players of BananaCraft,

KitPvP currently does not get the attention it deserves for the reason that we are mainly busy working on updates for the other gamemodes and maintaining the network. For this reason we will be temporary closing KitPvP as of September 22nd and we will be dropping support for KitPvP as of today. Please do note that KitPvP will not be permanently closed and we plan on reworking the gamemode from the ground up once we have the time and effort to do so. I hope you understand our decision and we hope to see you on the other gamemodes! KitPvP will be available to play till September 22nd 2019

6 days ago

Please give me a MOHment to explain myself! | ABetterMonkey

Hello ABetterMonkey,


Thank you for contacting us. We have discussed your ban appeal with the staff team and while you do have some valid points in your appeal there are also some points we are skeptical about. For example in the Discord you said "So from now on I am gonna report you for the things I can actually provide evidence for" which for us looks like you deliberately searched for proof or images of him when you posted the old evidence. As for the point you made about the exploits the other faction has used. Your faction has also used exploits in the past such as the fishing rod exploit. Therefore we have decided to change your ban to a 1 month ban which means your ban will expire on October the 7th 2019. Please keep in mind that violating the rules in any way again will result in a permanent suspension from the server. 


I hope you understand our decision.



7 days ago

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