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well done i agree
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Regarding MVP kit and Genral server plugins.

Hello this thread is meant for the Admin but feel free to post youre opinion about it 😁. firstly i want to open my statment regarding Spawners, to my understanding it is not possible to mine spawners in this server, which is kind of a bummer to be completly honest and ive played in many faction servers in my time, And for me personally the definition of FACTION is being able to mine spawners using silktouch for many reasons, i shall list some, firstly it boosts the Economy as i already see that it is very hard to earn money in the factions server, you can see that by noticing how poor everyone is, which doesn't help with making the server fun. therefore it would be very meritful for the server if we had the option to minespawners and i know i am not the only one beating this drum. alot of people have the same opinion, and it could also be an ability where only mvp or vip's can mine spawners which would indefintley boost rank sale rates which would benefit us all :) . NOW regarding other ideas i think it would be a good idea if the owner added more plugins such a /sellhand or /vault for mvp's im just throwing this out there, ill be honest the mvp kit is not very good as well would be nice if we got a full diamond set as its not even enchanted what we get from the kit. and the /sellhand could also be an mvp perk which is definetly a quality of life plugin. I await eagerly for admin's reply regarding this topic.

wish you all a good day.

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mvp perks

hey can we get colored /nicks ?

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TO OWNER regarding payment options.

ill just have to wait for that then 😢. cause my paypal is blocked for awhile now, anyhows thank you for the quick response.

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TO OWNER regarding payment options.


I just wanted to shine some light on the payment options available to donate to server.. theyre mostly american based.. and there is paypal which i can't use at all..i was wondering if the owner could add more EU based payment options such as giropay etc.. considering the server is based in EU that would be much appriciated. i eagerly await an response.

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