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Opinions on the new kits

Bane - Seems pretty bad honestly. If the curse just gave blindness/slowness/weakness and you can beat up on them all you'd like, it's much better. But as it stands now, you curse them, can't do it again for a LONG time, and then are a mediocre kit while they sort of ignore it.

Blinker - Is this kit good? I don't think so. Is this kit fun? Absolutely. This kit is actually super fun to play as, I don't think it should be changed, upgrades would be nice (ofc). Great kit.

Centaur - Decent in certain situations. Not very good vs kits with good armor (pvp++, tank) but it is actually pretty effective vs. kits with bad armor like miner and assassin. With upgrades it will be a pretty decent kit. I would remove the whole "regen if you don't kill them" or change it/beef it up so there's more incentive for it to be an execute tool.

Sunder - This kit is weird. I don't think it's good, but I don't think it's bad? Seems like it has a high skill ceiling, and you can do some cheesy fun stuff with it so im a fan

Souper - Not good. Soup pvp is harder than regular pvp because you can be a god at pvp, but if you aren't good at souping, you lose. This takes away the difficulty of a core part of soup pvp: refilling. This kit makes it so as long as you can scroll through your hotbar and click soups, you can refill just fine, and most likely survive long enough for the cooldown to come back. 0/10.

Misc. notes:

Soup lag/server lag seems to be pretty high all the time, makes it frustrating to be in a close fight only for the winner to be decided by whos soup lag first, hits don't register, soups glitch, etc. I understand that the soup glitch is a 1.8.9 thing but also, servers like Munchy don't have this issue, so maybe it can be fixed? Not sure.

Bane/Blinker/Centaur all are weirdly similar in the manner they were designed. All are: Hey, you have this ability, it does this...BUT: followed by some sort of caveat (arrows deal low dmg, take less dmg while cursed, if they survive they get regen) Not a bad thing, just noticed it.

Please add upgrades to all of the kits. New kits are fun and all, but I would rather have improvements upon existing kits than shiny new ones.

Since you are adding more kits, maybe a community poll of a new kit to add? Example: forum post for people to suggest kit ideas, take the best 4/most viable to make 4 and have a vote in discord and the forums for which should be added to kitpvp.

MAKE. RANKS. MORE. VALUABLE. I would gladly buy a rank if I felt that it actually did ANYTHING for me, but currently /nick is the only thing it has going for it (kitpvp wise but I don't play on the other servers so lmao) coins are easy to get and I already have an absurd amount. Only idea I have is to basically copy other servers' system of ranks are able to host special events. This could also be a way to get that whole tournament thing started so people can actually do them (I still see that in stats don't get my hopes up).

Lastly, more staff. Pretty sure I read in discord that helpers will be added. this is good.

3 days ago

couple of quick kitpvp bugs

1. Dragon kit currently has a bug where if you use the ability on someone, and they leave your attack range, you are kicked for reach hacks.

How to recreate: Use ability. Other person walks away. Doesn't happen 100% of the time I believe but it's pretty consistent. Also might happen if you hit too many people with it, haven't tested that however.

2. If you have slowness (from the Vanilla kit for example) and you are hit with the timelord ability, you are able to move as normal, except you can't jump. You still take the damage when you move, but you can move.

How to recreate: Get slowness from the vanilla kit, be hit with the timelord kit ability. Run to your hearts content.

This next one I'm honestly not sure if it's a bug or not:

3. Can't attack Hades kit's dogs. This might be intended, I literally don't know, but you can't hit them. I haven't tested this, but I don't believe you can hit the Summoner kit's iron golem, or the Rider kit's horse, but again, haven't had a chance to test it.

How to recreate: Use the ability, realise the dogs have metal fur and can't be stabbed.

17 days ago

Kitpvp upgrades (very long)

Basically, I'm just going to list all of the kits and the way I would personally upgrade them. This is all my personal opinion, take it as such. Sorry for the absurd wall of text, but I thought this would be fun.

Prisoner - First upgrade give it a sharp1 diamond sword, second upgrade a chain chestplate. This puts its armor on par with full iron, while also giving it a better sword. The ability is fine as it is IMO, has varied uses, make a 2v1 a 1v1, use it to escape someone, etc.

Miner - The main issue with this kit is that it has very bad armor. The damage it does is already good, so I would make the first upgrade making the chestplate/helmet chain, and the second the leggings/boots chain. This makes it more durable for its already good armor. In all honesty, this might actually be too good, and if it is I would give it unbreaking initially (probably beyond unbreaking 3) and the second upgrade would be prot1.

Suicidal - First upgrade: increase the radius of the explosion. Second upgrade, increase the damage of the explosion. Suicidal is not a kit that benefits from better armor or weapons, because it's how the name implies: suicide. It is a kit that should explode, hopefully taking someone down with it and increasing its ability to do so is the only upgrade path for it. Also, I think that this kit still does no damage?

Switcher - Already pretty good. First upgrade, Iron helmet, second upgrade, sharp1 sword. Alternatively, do one of those upgrades and double the amount of snowballs it has from 16 to 32.

Fisherman - God I love this kit. First upgrade, iron helmet, second upgrade, iron boots. Alternatively make one of those chain (or both of them chain) since the only downside to this kit currently is the fact that your helmet and boots break very quickly.

Timelord - Same changes as with the Fisherman, but I would give it a sharp1 diamond sword and for the second upgrade better armor. Chain preferably, timelord is already pretty good (the duration on the ability is absurd) and making it deal more damage and not break immediately is all it really needs.

Tank - Disgusting kit. I hate this kit alot. This kit nearly auto wins fights if you have a brain, and needs to be combod into the sun in order to actually kill it if the person using it has sentience. For me, giving this kit upgrades is akin to me having to choose which teeth I want pulled. It isn't fun, but I will try. I would literally only give it upgrades to make the sword break slower, and, if you really want to, make the slowness slowness1. I only use tank kit when there is a hacker on to try and get them kicked/banned, because outside of that it is just plain not fun to play against. Giving it a diamond sword, or making it faster, removes the main counterplay that it should have. Getting in a long drawn out fight with someone using tank kit is an idiotic decision (that I make frequently) so its low damage and slowness should be its drawback so you can run away from it, and the lesser sword "should" make it so you use less soups than the person using it. Sorry about that rant, I have strong feelings about tank kit.

Hades - Simple upgrades. Iron/chain boots, sharp1 diamond sword. Not a particularly strong kit currently but its armor and sword aren't really bad compared to some others. Also, this is absolutely a kit that you can upgrade the ability on. Upgrading the armor for one upgrade and then jacking up the number of wolves it spawns (it currently spawns 3, I would actually double this) is a fine idea to me.

Ninja - Already a good kit if you are good with it. I'm actually not really sure how to upgrade this kit, changing the helmet to chain and then maybe giving the boots prot1? Its drawback is that it has low armor but is able to combo very well, and I think changing that too much makes it a better pvp kit which I think should be avoided. When upgrading kits I think they should aim to be on par with fully upgraded pvp kit.

Assassin - I have a few ideas for this one. Some bad, some good. Let's get to the bad changes first: On another server I used to play on (which has since abandoned kitpvp) their way of upgrading this kit was to do the following: Give it more assassin swords. This was extremely annoying, and allowed people to one shot other kits easily. I think it was an amazing upgrade and, frankly, I think it should be adopted here. First upgrade: better armor. Not too good, most likely chain instead of leather. Second upgrade? Another sword. Currently with assassin kit the way of winning against it is a simple flowchart: Soup. Have they hit you? Soup like a madman. The way assassin kit wins fights is by gimping people by hitting them and then immediately hitting them with the assassin sword, so they get killed almost instantly. This is easily countered by spamming soups constantly. Adding a second assassin sword keeps this same way of countering them, but you have to soup much better in order to counter it. The other option of upgrading this kit is to just upgrade the armor and maybe the base sword, but that's boring.

Burrower - This kit, like phantom later on, is hard to upgrade. Giving it a sharp1 diamond sword is a given, but upgrading the armor would just make it a better pvp++ kit. So, I think this is another kit where you expand upon the ability. Make the panic room larger, put a soup sign IN the panic room (probably way too strong), or, make the cooldown shorter.

Dracula - This. kit. is. awesome. It counters ghost so it's automatically S++++ tier and maybe the greatest kit every invented by mankind. Upgrades: Iron pants for the first upgrade, chain helmet for the second. Or, combine that into one upgrade and make the regeneration you get on hit last slightly longer (or give a bonus effect like giving absorption briefly on attack, or giving weakness to the opponent since you're sapping their strength, etc. have fun with it.) Personally I think giving them weakness when you attack them for the same duration you get regen is a fun idea.

Kangaroo: This kit is not good. It's just bad. Upgrades for it are basically to give it a chain chestplate and a sharp1 sword, respectively for 1 and 2. I can't think of anything particularly creative. Making the ability launch you higher/farther sounds like fun, though.

Dragon - Want to make dragon good? It's simple: Fix the bug where if you use your ability you get kicked for reach. Not sure why this happens, but it does, constantly. Outside of that bugfix, I would give it a sharp1 sword and chain boots/helmet. Again, simple upgrades.

Spiderman - I actually always thought that this kit was actually god awful, but looking at it, it isn't really that bad. I would give the chesplate a ton of unbreaking and maybe prot1(? that might be too good tbh) while also giving sharp1 on the other upgrade.

Rider - A few things: 1. Make the helmet iron. 2. Make the horse last forever instead of a set amount of time. Also let us stab the horse, cause otherwise there will be infinite unkillable horses (a bad thing to have)

Stomper - Chain chestplate and make the stomp deal more damage. Already a good kit otherwise.

Phantom - Same issue as burrower. I would make the same changes too, sharp1 sword and make the ability either last longer or have a shorter cooldown.

Ghost - I know it already has an upgrade but I think it should be given a sharp2 diamond sword for a second upgrade. Another good upgrade would be jump boost to let it get to places you wouldn't expect, and to be more slippery when in a fight.

Zombie - weird kit. doesn't seem very strong honestly but that also is probably just me being stupid. I would give it sharp1 diamond sword and a ton of unbreaking on the hat and boots. Giving iron/chain might make it too tank to the point where it becomes a sort of less tanky tank but without slowness and a good sword.

Cactus - *very* bad kit currently. I would give it a sharpness1 sword and chain pants/boots so that it can actually reflect damage more than 2 times without the armor breaking.

Summoner - Weird kit. Seems worse than it is I think, giving it a sharpness 1 sword and prot1 on its chestplate seems like a good way to make it worthwhile/

Vanilla - I was under the impression that this kit was supposed to be the pvp kit but with potions, and I think it is supposed to be that, so I would do the same thing you did for the pvp kit. make default vanilla have an unenchanted diamond sword, first upgrade sharp1, second upgrade protection helmet.

Viking - Also seems like it should just be kitpvp but with an axe I don't really know what to do for this kit other than make it have protection on its helmet, it has no abilities to change and giving it sharp2 might just make it a better kitpvp? Strange kit. Maybe do the same thing I said for vanilla kit, or find another way to change it that I can't think of.

Thor - Give it an iron helmet and make the ability actually deal damage. Currently it deals 1 and 1/2 hearts which is pretty pitiful. Making it deal 3/3 and 1/2 hearts would at least let it take a soup off of them, because currently it is pretty awful.

Climber - Climber has always seemed like a meme pick to me? Which is kind of strange cause I can think of ways it could be used. I would give it an iron helmet and a sharpness1 sword, that would make it viable to siege the tower or get to higher up places while not being an easy to kill joke.

Monk - Pretty simple upgrades. Sharp1 diamond sword, give it an iron helmet, easy. I would also make it so you can hit someone with the blaze rod, not only right click, but thats less of an upgrade and more of a QoL change.

Hulk - This kit isn't very good (but with KOTH it could be 👀), but I would make the upgrades a sharp1 sword and chain helmet/boots. Not super crazy buffs but I think its already only really lacking armor. Maybe even making it iron boots and a chain helmet, who knows.


And that's all of them. This was a stupidly long post and probably useless as well. You're welcome.

19 days ago

22 days ago


All kitpvp additions:

1. Add KOTH somewhere on the map, either in a new structure or an existing one. I'm partial to it being on the pirate ship's crows nest, since players fight over it constantly already. Other places are fine as well, in a castle tower, the castle proper, farmhouse, random house in the town, etc. I think KOTH is a really fun event that causes alot of players to team up to earn the reward, while other people can try to fight over it as well. Something like: You have to stay on KOTH without being knocked off for 10 minutes, if you succeed you get coins/kit unlockers/xp/anything. If you get knocked off, the time resets and someone else can claim it.

2.Make soup signs more visible. The current color of the text on the soup signs makes it pretty difficult to actually see them. Not a big deal if you know where they are, but it's still annoying occasionally.

3. Upgrades to all of the kits. Currently literally all of the kits except for the PVP kit have no upgrades, and so they're super overshadowed. They're basically just 'fun' kits to use, but not really viable if you want kills/to progress. IMO the way to go about the upgrades is to buff the armor/weapon of the kits and not the ability, unless the kit is something like Suicide, where the armor/sword doesn't really matter at all, but a kit like Viper would benefit greatly from getting a sharp sword and an iron helmet.

4. More progression past level 20. Prestige maybe, or just levels 21/22/etc. I got to level 20 in 2 days, it isn't all that difficult or much of a grind. Also maybe distinguish more between levels to show dedication, i.e level 20 (highest current level) is gold when typing in chat. Something like that.

5. Currently for the leaderboards: You are displayed in the spawn of kitpvp. While this is cool, I think there should be more of a reward for grinding to get on that leaderboard, and to incentivize more people to fight over the top spot. Currently Jk0z has a hilarious lead over everyone else in first place, but he gets basically nothing for it. Giving the top spot a prefix, different color name, etc would be a good addition.  Also, not sure if this exists already but a seasonal system where at the end of a 'season' (however long that may be) the top 3/5/whatever spots get a reward. Credit in the store to buy a rank, more coins/xp, something personalized, prefix, etc.

That's everything I can think of right now. In terms of what I would like to see, it probably goes:

Upgrades > KOTH > Sign Visibility > Leaderboards improvement > Leveling improvement.


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