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Banned for harassing other players

So we were in Joepoe's base joking more like a private joke between Leon, dan and me ( sending messages like "stealth 100" things like that). We weren't annoying him by getting in his way since we were invisible. If he was that annoyed at the point of calling admins, why didn't he said 2 words minimum : "Get out" ?? We would just go away... I even stopped using invisibility potion and said : Hello in the chat to start a conversation or something that would just end the entire thing but he still ignored me and walked by me, like I wasn't even here. How can he be that bothered about it ?? 

All that said, I don't really know why doing these smallest things deserve a 7day ban? I'm sorry if you think I'm mean but that doesn't really make sense ...

2 days ago

23 days ago

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