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Anti away from keyboard mine

Hi Bananacraft support , Yaster day the owner updated the anti afk plugin or maked it

I am all time make the mouse on something then i still click like for 30 minutes

but this anti afk timer 50 blocks ? how ? 

i should move the mouse evry 50 secound

Eff v in pickaxe with haste 2 

= 50 block in 5 secounds

i hope you fix it like make it,50 block = warn ,20 minute of breaking = kick , Bypassing the anti afk = 1 w ip ban.

Thats all i have 

and make a staff spectate random players

or make the plugin just warn any staff online when player continute mine for 15 minutes without moving he's mouse

Thank you Bananacraft staff .

14 days ago

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