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using disabilites/diseases in a negative way.being rude....

Welp,we all knew this appeal was coming one day or another.

"using disabilites/diseases in a negative way. being rude and disrespectful against other players."

Let me start off by mentioning that the thing i did was send a screenshot of me saying: "Discord is literally autistic"

And someone reported me for doing it,Resulting in a TWENTY O N E DAY BAN,and adding to the report reason, "Being rude or disrespectful of other players."

Apart from the fact i wasnt rude to anyone,you banned me INGAME for 21d despite the offense happened in the discord server and wasnt targeted towards any players,but a platform.

I dont understand what you people have against me.Is it because i always prove you wrong no matter what you say to me?Because you constantly seem to be targetting me waiting for me to make a mistake just to strike and ban me.



7 days ago

Banned for harassing other players,Trolling players/provoking.

17/08/2019 02:21 My time i got banned for 7 days,the reason was "harassing or provoking a player."The player was JoePoe1997.Me,Swinowz and Leonhartuwu were just in his base,joking around doing stuff like arrows next to him or trying to scare him.I recieved no messages from him telling us to stop and he didnt warn us.If he didnt want us to do it why didnt he just tell us then?If he messaged me saying go away or warned me i wouldve gladly went away,but as he didnt tell me anything or give me a warning or tell me to go away,then why is it still considered harassing?

If i sound mean its only because im like that by nature,dont understand me wrong if i sound too mean while typing,i cant change that.

But all in all,if he didnt complain to us doing it or tell us to stop doing it.then how could we really know it bothered him?All we did was walk around,fire a bit of fireworks,arrows and thats it.If he found it annoying he couldve just told us we wouldve been more than willing to back off.

I hope i covered everything in this report,if im missing anything then please tell me on discord @Dan the anime man#0350.Sorry in advance to joepoe1997.

one more thing i failed to mention.Incase joe says i ignored him thus thats why he didnt type go away or something,i unignored him as soon as i came to his base,incase he asked me to leave.

about 1 month ago

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