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BananaCraft Rules & Punishments

To ensure that all of our players have the best experience on our network by providing them with a safe, fair and friendly playing environment, we will not hesitate give out hard punishments to those who violate our rules. These punishments are not set in stone and you can expect a higher punishment if you violate more than one.

By logging on to the BananaCraft server or using the BananaCraft Discord and Forums, you automatically agree to follow all rules that are stated below. Lack of knowledge of the rules will be treated as ignorance and a mistake on your part and this will not alter the consequences of breaking the rules. Always listen to the Staff, they are the law.

Other information

If you commit more than one offense you can expect to get a higher punishment.  If there are no Staff members online at the time of the violation and you get reported, then we will skip the warning and give you your punishment
Redstone farms or farms in general that are too big and cause the server to lag will be removed without any further notice. So do not make your farm too large.
We also hold the right to, at any time, delete your items or money that might have been obtained in an illegitimate way.

Survival limitations: Skyblock limitations: It is not allowed to gift your high level island (1000+) or your balance away to newly joined players without the approval of Staff.

If your build is inappropriate, racist or build with hacks/mods then your plot may be deleted at anytime without any further notice.
This can also result in a punishment for violating our rules.

Any redstone contraption/clock that could cause lag for the server by repeating too fast or being too big can result in it's removal.
We hold the right to remove these redstone at any time without any notice whatsoever.

All items on the store are Digital intangible items. These are virtual goods and not redeemable or useable in the real world. Due to this, we practice a no refund/ chargeback policy. Opening a PayPal dispute will result in your account being permanently IP banned on our network and other webstores.

Account sharing is allowed, but we highly discourage our players from sharing their account(s) with others. Several of our punishments include IP-bans or IP-mutes. Sharing your account could land you in trouble if your account is found on the IP of a punished player. Your account is your responsibility. We do not issue any unbans if someone else has been using your account.