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Can you answer the question? Why am i banned? Ban reason bypassing the ban. I don't care the other day for the reason that Lisac escapes. I am not a Lisac, but I live in a settlement that has the same wifi, ie. The whole village got a wifi from the municipality and we all use it, so if you think I'm Lisac you're wrong. I would like to unban since I love playing that server, and that is why I had no reason to ban me because of it.
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sir please unban me ive just using tooth pick to hold mouse click and mine's hope ive play this day
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IP of Proxy/VPN detects

Hi Keevan!


Can you possibly contact is trough discord? That way we can help you quicker.

3 months ago

IP of Proxy/VPN detects !

I believe it was fixed on Discord :) If not please contact us again! :)

3 months ago

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