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Dear players of BananaCraft,


After a long wait we have decided that the BananaCraft server will be shutting down completely. We have debated very long about it and this is the reason why the next announcement was not send sooner. This goes against our last announcement which stated it was a temporarily shutdown. 2basemaster and Houtblok have been working everyday on the server since march this year on improving and updating, and it became quite popular to our surprise. Due to personal reasons 2basemaster had to quit and that left a gap.  Everyone that works on the server does this in there spare time and we are a bit burnt out as of this moment. This is why we are announcing now that the server will complet...

By NLHoutblok, 2 days ago
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Dear players of BananaCraft,


You might have noticed that everything around the server did not go as planned.

Most of the players are annoyed because of plugins which do not work (correct), glitches that aren't patched correct and everyone can think of something they are annoyed with.


We are working hard on BananaCraft in our spare time (so not professionally/as a company) with 5 people (2 on the server and 3 for the players) to make everything go smooth, but we cannot get the server how we want it to be.

The server started not complete and unfinished and it is an impossible job to get the server in excellent shape this way.


This is why we have made a ...

By NLHoutblok, about 1 month ago
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Creative 1.13 update

Creative got updated to 1.13 adding all blocks up to 1.13 and support for the new command shortcut system! You can use the new 1.13 blocks to expand your buildings with these new blocks! Check out the full list of changes in the changelog down below! 



- Added support for 1.13 blocks

By NLHoutblok, about 1 month ago
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Dear players of BananaCraft,

KitPvP currently does not get the attention it deserves for the reason that we are mainly busy working on updates for the other gamemodes and maintaining the network. For this reason we will be temporary closing KitPvP as of September 22nd and we will be dropping support for...

By NLHoutblok, 2 months ago
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Factions Update + Reset out now!

Today we are happy to announce that factions will get a big update releasing later this week adding a bunch of new features including an improved anticheat, the Aquatic update and more highly requested features! You can find a list of new features down below! As of this update MVP's will only have fly in faction claims, to make up for this MVP will get new perks and features added to the rank. Besides that, a new donator rank will be coming in the future which will in...

By NLHoutblok, 3 months ago
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