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how do I log in to the server in the Minecraft game?
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Hi, I have been referenced to you by the moderator Gimme I would like to apply for Moderator if possible, please get back to me if you can. Thank you
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Can i come to your moderator or something? I have long experience for hacking and ban evading because i was admin on another place and i know what i talking about!! :) Is there any way, i will use it! ;) I wanted to help you!!!
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KitPvP update: Seasons and map updates!

On July 16th we released a KitPvP update adding seasons and map changes! Seasons will switch every day. You can find the full list of changes down below.


- New season: Autumn

- Several map changes and improvements

- Fixed a bug where fences and doors did not work properly on 1.13+ clients

- Anticheat improvements

- Minor bugs fixed

3 days ago

Creative update: WorldEdit and daylight settings!

On June 23th we released a minor Creative update adding WorldEdit, daylight and weather settings and more! You can find the full list of changes down below.


- WorldEdit is now enabled

- Added settings for changing weather and time of day

- Fences and doors now connect properly on 1.13+ clients

26 days ago

Creative update: Redstone and plot settings!

On June 21th we released a Creative update adding redstone, plot settings, plot downloading and more! You can find the full list of changes down below. We are working on more updates for Creative releasing soon adding support for WorldEdit and more!


- Redstone is now enabled

- New /help menu added

- Plot biomes can now be changed

- Music can now be played on plots

- You can now visit other players plots

- Added /plot middle command

- You can now download your plot as a schematic

- Fixed a bug where clearing a plot did not work properly

28 days ago

Maximum cobblestone generator level [Skyblock]

Currently the maximum cobblestone generator level is 500, but this may change in the future

about 1 month ago

Island levels [Skyblock]

Some challenges give minor amounts of xp, you can place blocks to level up your island.

Correction: You can see block values by holding the block in the hand and use the command /is value

about 1 month ago

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