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Factions update #1 released!

Factions update #1 now live adding 1.12 features and more!


Patch notes:

- Server version is now 1.12 adding all new features and items, combat is still 1.8 style to maintain the classic factions experience, godapples also craftable and TNT cannons still act the same as 1.8

- Scoreboard added

- You now get the head of the players you killed

- Difficulty is now set to medium

- End has been reset to accommodate for the 1.9 end

- You can now use /f perm to manage faction and ally roles permissions

- /f warp and /f setwarp have been added, factions can set up to 5 warps in claimed lands

- Anticheat improvements


Coming next week:

- Improved /help menu

- MVP and VIP kits 

7 days ago

Some questions about factions

The factions 1.12.2 update is currently planned to be released within 2 weeks, this update also contains some other new features.


TheKillerEye, Ranks are already available, we have the VIP and MVP rank which are global across the network, more features such as kits will be added to these ranks with the upcoming factions update

17 days ago

Known issues and fixes

I get redirected back to the lobby while joining survival or factions
You need minecraft 1.12 or higher to join survival or factions, you can change your minecraft version in the launcher before starting the game


My doors and fences are not working properly
Doors and fences have issues on 1.13 clients, I recommend running an 1.12 client


I can not craft or place a certain item
Some servers are running 1.8.8, these servers do not have the newer items, we are working on updating every server to 1.12.2 soon. Survival and Creative are already running 1.12.2


I am getting kicked for flying
If you are using minecraft 1.13 please change your minecraft version to 1.12, 1.13 has some issues with certain blocks


Eating soups at KitPvP behaves weird
Some newer minecraft clients have problems with soups in KitPvP. If you are experiencing problems please switch your client version to 1.8.8 for the best possible experience in KitPvP.


This topic will be updated with more known issues and fixes once they appear

18 days ago

Some questions about factions

1. What Minecraft server version is factions?

Factions is 1.8.8 currently, but we are planning to upgrade it to 1.12.2 like the survival server soon, while upgrading to 1.12.2 we will do a couple of changes such as craftable god apples.


2. How big is the world or what is the world border?

Currently it is 20k blocks. We might increase this later if necessary


3. Is above the nether allowed?

No, above the nether is not allowed


4. Is there a warp end?

There is no warp to the end, you can go to the end by finding the end portal yourself. But this may change at a future date


5. Is silk-picking spawners available?

Silk touch spawners are currently not available. But this may change at a future date


6. What is your idea about factions economy? 

We currently have a mini-shop at factions, we will add a bigger shop with an update


Fly is indeed enabled for MVP ranks, however, it has its limitations, you cant PVP while flying for example to keep the gameplay fair for all players.

18 days ago

Store and cosmetics now available!

The Donation Store is now open! You can contribute to the server and get a in-game rank with extra features in return! A rank grants you extra abilities on all servers on the network. We currently have the ranks VIP and MVP available for purchase. VIP is available for 4.99 and MVP is available 9.99. You can access the Donation Store by clicking 'Store' in the top menu on the website!


We also introduced cosmetics and cosmetics in the lobby. Cosmetics give you extra customization to your character such as suits, hats and particles! Along side cosmetics we also introduced gadgets to the lobby. Each gadget has its own unique feature for you to enjoy. Gadgets are available for everyone and can be aquired by opening mystery boxes at the mystery vault. Mystery boxes can by obtained by voting for the server so don't forget to vote so you don't miss out on the awesome rewards!


A look ahead
Ofcourse there is a lot more to come. Here is a list of features we are currently working on:

  • Survival 1.12 update
  • Survival shop
  • Player shops for survival and skyblock
  • Revamped GUI menu's for Skyblock, Factions, KitPvP and Creative
  • Crates for skyblock and factions
about 1 month ago

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