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2basemaster Owner
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12 months ago

What gamemodes will be available to play?
At launch, Survival and Skyblock will be available to play, these gamemodes were the most popular on BananaCraft Network.

Why are the other gamemodes not available?
We aim to focus on quality over quantity, therefore we chose to only implement the most popular ones, and expand those further.

Will other gamemodes be available in the future?
For now, we want to focus on Survival and Skyblock first, we will expand and update these gamemodes with new features. Other gamemodes are currently not planned, but may be added in the future based on demand.

Are Survival and Skyblock any different from the original server?
We have kept the roots mostly the same because we aim for a vanilla-like experience, so if you played the original it should feel familiar to you. We have made changes to enhance the experience, such as a new claiming-system for Survival.

Is PvP enabled on Survival and Skyblock?
No, PvP is disabled because we aim for a co-operative multiplayer experience. Killing other players in any other way is a bannable offense.

What Minecraft version will Survival and Skyblock be on?
Survival will be supporting all items and features up to 1.20.1. As for Skyblock, it will contain everything up to 1.19.4 with an upgrade to the latest Minecraft version planned for the future.

You will be able to join with client version 1.17 and higher, however we recommend to use the latest Minecraft client for the best compatibility.

Will the server be available for cracked Minecraft users?
Yes, you will be able to join without an official Minecraft account, however, then you must register a password for the server.

Do note that we strongly recommend that you play with a premium Minecraft account for the best experience.

Now that the server is launching, are you open for staff applications?
Currently, we are not open for staff applications. If we are, they will be available on the website.

I purchased a rank on the original server, will the rank carry over to the new server?
Yes! We truly appreciate your support for the server, a form is available on the website to recover your rank and carry it over: https://www.mc-bananacraft.net/index.php?route=/recoverrank/

If the account was permanently banned on the previous server, you are not eligible for recovery of the rank.

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shufflexD Member
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12 months ago

Cant wait! :D

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