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Skyblock 1.20 Update!
2basemaster Owner
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7 months ago

The Skyblock 1.20 update is here!

Adding lots of new items and cool features!
Added Biomes, Challenges, Player chestshops, an auctionhouse and more!
Added missing and 1.20 items!

Changelog - 22.12.2023

Skyblock upgraded to 1.20


  • Added Auctionhouse
  • Added Chestshops (playershops)
  • Added Voting Crates (get keys for voting to open crates)
  • Added the ability to change your biome on your island
  • Added Challenges (progress through the challenges to unlock the ultimate reward)
  • Added 1.20 items to the shop (Cherry wood, Bamboo, Smithing templates, etc)
  • Added missing items to the shop (Coral blocks, etc)
  • Added a beginner tutorial in spawn
  • Added the deepdark generator
  • Added new Rank perks (for Auctionhouse slots, Chestshops)
  • Added the ability to set a warp in the skyblock overworld at island level 200
  • Re-balanced The shop prices
  • Re-balanced the island block values
  • Changed block/entity limits
  • Changed voting rewards


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