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Start claiming to prevent other players from accessing your chest and destroying your builds. Griefing and stealing is not allowed! Read the rules!

To start claiming your first chunk you have to create a land first. Type /land create name in chat.
The name can be anything you like as long as it is within the rules of the server.
This action will claim the first chunk you are standing on.

To extend your claim you can simply use /claim.
Warning! your claimed chunks need to be connected!
To see the borders of your and other players land borders use /land view.

If you want to claim land to far away from your original land or in the nether dimension you can create a new land with the same command: /land create name.
To select which land you want to claim for use: /lands menu and use the gui or use /lands edit name.

To allow other players to have access to your land you can use /lands trust playername or use /lands menu, select the land you want to manage, select members, click the add button and type the players name in chat.

You can only claim in the overworld and the nether.


Members can have up to 3 lands and 36 chunks per land.

VIP: 4 lands, 49 chunks per land.

MVP: 5 lands, 64 chunks per land.

Legend: 6 lands, 100 chunks per land.


The first chunk of your land is free. The second one will cost $100. After that + $50 for every newly added chunk. There is a cap of $1500. So after you reached the $1500 per chunk the next chunk you purchased won't get more expensive.

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