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General info

You start with nothing and work your way up to the top. Use the shop to gain money to buy other items or to be able to buy more chunks for your land. By voting /vote you will also be able to gain daily rewards! Trade with players /trade.

You can mine spawners with a pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment.

General Commands

/help to see all the useful commands in game.

To request to teleport to other players use /tpa playername.
/tpa accept to accept or click the accept button in chat. The same goes for /tpa deny.

Setting homes allows you to teleport back to a location of your choosing. /sethome or /sethome name.
Members can set up to 2 homes. Ranks can set more homes.

/rtp or /wild to teleport to a random location in the overworld.

/back teleports you back to the last location you teleported from. It will not teleport you back to where you died!

/shop teleports you to the admin shop where you can buy and sell items.
/warps gives you an gui with all avalaibe warps. Click the icon to teleport to it.
/spawn to teleport to spawn.

/balance, /bal or/money to see how much money you have.

Info about claiming and commands click here

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